Established in 2007, Daddy Day Care is an educational system founded with a drive that is committed to bringing out the absolute best in your child, through activities that develop potential. More than just a creche and preschool for children aged 6 months to 5 years, we have created the perfect learning and social environment for children to develop and learn through play and activities in addition to a more structured formal learning programme. The core aim of Daddy Day Care is to ensure that each child leaves the school with a sense of independence, self-confidence and a desire to learn. We celebrate the unique gifts within each child and attend equally to the education of the heart as well as the mind.

Our Philosophy

The core beliefs underpinning Daddy Day Care are:

We believe in giving the children the right start in education to lay a strong foundation for future learning. Passion is a key building block of the school and our motto: “we are parents too” is testament to this.

Flexibility & Convenience
We understand and believe in the uniqueness of children as individuals and our tailored learning programmes reflect this. We also believe in enabling parents to go about their daily duties, confident in the knowledge that their children are well taken care of in a safe and secure environment.

Our teachers are trained and bring a wealth of experience, broad expertise and qualifications to the Daddy Day Care family. This knowledge ensures that we are able to educate children within the 6 months to 5 years spectrum

Unlocking and developing potential
” Knowledge is infinite ” which is why at Daddy Day Care we believe in using a combination of structured teaching and fun indoor and outdoor activities to help our children discover that learning is fun.

Our Curriculum

Our syllabus is one of the most flexible in early childhood programmes and offers the opportunity for learning in many ways. We use the Montessori , Phoebel and Jolly Phonics curriculums as our preferred teaching methods and our approach covers four areas of learning and development:

i. Independence and problem solving
ii. Enjoyment of learning
iii. Self-respect and respect of others
iv. Development of the imagination and creativity

We have extended our curriculum to include an introduction to French and Sports / Phys Ed (once a week) to open their minds and see education as more than text-book based learning which should rather also incorporate more fun activities.

Throughout their day, whether at play, involved in art and craft or any other activity, children will be learning a variety of social and communicative skills – sharing and caring for others, expressing their opinions, coping with their emotions, natural inquisitiveness and growing awareness of all around them.

Exchange Programme

We encourage learning about cultures in great detail by celebrating festivals and sharing our local traditions as well as those from across the globe.

To further facilitate our multicultural approach, we operate an Exchange Programme with European and American Teachers.