Daddy Day Care Reviews

Daddy Day Care provides that ansolute solution for early childhood development. There is attention to detail and a consistent execution of a thorough plan to equip children with independent minds. At an early age children are equipped with skills that help them make their own decisions and learn how to do basic things on their own.
It’s a fun learning environment with good security and committed staff. I make all these assesments because my two daughters have had a solid foundation at Daddy Day Care.

Daddy day care is an excellent place for any child’s intellectual development. It provided my son a distinct foundation for his academic development. I would recommend this school for anyone who wishes the best for his child. A great deal of discipline is instilled in the children in love.

Daddy day care is one of the best day care schools in the country, it has all the qualities to bring out the best in our kids. My kids can now read n express themselves well in all aspects. Thanks to Daddy Day Care, as a parent I know my kids potentials as they grow up. Thank You Daddy Day Care, keep it up.

The best gift a parent can give to their girl child is a good foundation for their educational future done within a safe and Christian environment. I found this environment when a friend recommended Daddy Day Care School. The staff are hardworking, skillful and caring. My daughter grew academically in an environment that is very nurturing. As parents employed in a full-time job, it was very important for us not just to have a school for  our daughter, but an environment that could provide her a strong academic base, an environment that our girl could feel like home whiles we were away, and most importantly, an environment where we knew our children would be safe. Maame Yaa Nhyirah Ekremet will forever be grateful to Daddy Day Care School.

My first born’s first schlll was Daddy Day Care. This school has had a permanent and positive impact on Nkunim, my son, though he spent only about two years here.

In fact, my work has taken him to 3 more schools, and I am yet to meet a school as great as daddy day care. Attention to the child is just proverbial. The environment is par excellent. Professionalism is beyond description and the fear of God instilled in the children is superb. In fact, I will recommend this school to all and sundry.

God bless aunty Irene and her team.

On a lighter note, it is the only school which has children with interesting names. My son’s best friend was Lissa. Though he has forgotten her, I pray they meet again in future.

My daughter Nana Gyamfua was in daddy day care for Four years… and it’s amazing! how real life values .. teamwork, self confidence, integrity, diligence, interpersonal skills, perseverance and discipline were inculcated in her…her first experience outside the usual family setting..

The care and devotion given to each child is phenomenon. I never got anxious when my daughter Nana was with Daddy Day Care. She was always happy and looked forward to going to school. It really felt like family. No wonder Nana is a confident, well mannered lady with a lot of ambition. Daddy Day Care is a pre-school that you can trust!!

The patience, professionalism and motherly care of the Daddy Day Care team was the best thing for our son Eli. He joined DDC in 2015 and after a few months, we knew Eli was a little happy Genius who loved school. He is doing great in his primary school – thanks to the foundation DDC gave him.

My son has attended daddy day care and I must admit it was a very nice experience for both my son and I. The school is very neat and the teachers and head mistress very lovely. The swimming pool sessions for the kids were lovely as well.then what amazed me was the class size (very small class) with 2 or 3 teachers and also the school doesn’t focus on the curriculum alone but it add additional classes to the kids going on excursion. Well done daddy day care and team.

We fell in love the moment We set our eyes on Daddy Day Care. We live in Laterbiokorshie and daddy day care is in East Legon. That should tell you how great a school this is and why as parents we sacrificed the early mornings to be able to take our children to a safe haven we called their second home.
Daddy Day Care is not just a school but a family. With arms wide open the teachers welcomed our little boys and took care of them as if they were their own. When your support system is not very good and you have very young children you need a school that can provide the best care to give you the peace of mind to go about your business and that is what Daddy Day Care did for us.
The educational standards are very high, the attention to detail, the care and the beautiful setting is perfect for any pre-schooler.
The memories Daddy Day care Gave our boys still lives on as they constantly talk about the school with such joy.
We love daddy day care and as parents We would recommend it to any parent who wants a safe, secure, living environment for their children.
Places such as these are hard to find these days as for many people it’s business first… at Daddy Day care you can trust that your Children will have a solid foundation for a strong future.

As a new mum, having to leave my little boy to go to work was a major concern. Considering I had to leave home by 5.30am to ensure that I get to work on time, too scared to leave him alone with a nanny; I had to hunt for a school that will accommodate my challenges
Daddy day care from day one took all my fears away. I coup fully concentrate at work without worrying about my boy. They even helped me get him to eat foods he normally would not if I fed it to him. There was always someone to take him in at school once I made the school aware of how early I had to be at work. Aside the occasionally basic medical check ups they do for the children, they go the extra mile of taking them to a hospital if they fall I’ll whiles in school, then calls the parent……..that is a responsible behavior for me.
So you can guess where I sent my little girl when she arrived………
You bet I will recommended daddy day care to anyone who would listen…… So my sister joined the daddy day care train when she had her girl and never regretted.
With the academic foundation they had, it gave them an early start in life. Anna my girl has been a 100% A student since she left DDC and was the best class 4 student in 2018 at St Peter’s School.
So much to about DDC. Bring your child over and you will never regret it. You will have more than your money’s worth and peace of mind.

Good day ma’am. Here’s our review about Daddy Daycare.

“ We enrolled our 2 year old daughter at Daddy Daycare so I could continue my education. During her time there, she excelled very well. She didn’t want to leave the school anytime I went to pick her up and that was a good indication for me that she was well taken care of. The teachers and caretakers are very well trained and their relationship with the children is impeccable. She obtained very good learning skills with shapes and colours, letters and numbers. Her scocial skills and interaction with other children is very good. She learned to tidy up and still does it now. My family and I moved to Canada and she’s doing amazing in her school here all because of the solid foundation she had. I am very grateful and thankful to the school. I do recommend Daddy Daycare to all parents. Your children will be in Good hands “

Daddy Day Care was a lovely start to socialisation and education for my children. Jayden joined in 2010 followed by Maïly in 2011 when Daddy Day Care was in its early stages. The dedication and the professionalism of the staff was very nice and refreshing to observe. Once we dropped the children, we knew they were in safe and loving hands. When my daughter fell ill at school once, it was the headmistress who personally took her to the clinic and made sure she was attended to by the doctor immediately. I will forever be grateful for that. The children were always happy to go to school. Never a cry nor a tantrum !!

The colourful, playful and cosy environment that accommodates the children makes learning fun and effortless and provides the children with a well-rounded academic foundation as future students and citizens of the world.

Daddy Day Care is one of the Prestigious Schools located at East Legon. They gave my daughter Mawulolo, a well grounded foundation in a Christian environment. This has given her the need impetus to continue in her current school (lVY) l encourage every prospective parent to send your ward to Daddy Day Care. You will never regret it

A lovely school you would want your child to enroll in. A serene environment with lots of brain cracking as well as fun activities which leaves children with knowledge,good imaginations and makes them assertive.

Friendly, naturally warm and hardworking teachers

Daddy Day Care takes care of your child holistically.